The Company

Innovaway Group was created in October 2013 by the initiative of Cesaweb S.p.A.. Cesaweb had over 13 years experience in outsourcing services for enterprises (BPO) and thanks to the takeover of two companies with twenty-years experience in the ICT area, it specialised in centralised/remote (Service Desk) and on-site services. In this way, Cesaweb is changing and redesigning itself, in order to take on new market challenges, integrating and matching its own “historical” competencies with new ones. The Group, operating in ICT and TLC services, has a turnover of 20 million Euro, with more than 450 employees in the following locations: Milan, Turin, Rome, Naples, Palermo and Tirana and assists 60 customers worldwide.


Help desk multilanguage inbound e outbound h24

Innovaway S.p.A. is the only Italian enterprise to provide Multilanguage Competence Center services at the highest level and is able to combine highly specialised IT technical competencies with language skills in more than 20 languages. Read More

Innovaway & IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a neologism referring to the extension of the Internet to the world of real objects. Read more

Thermicast 2.0

THERMICAST software, projected for complete management of “heating systems control service” by Municipalities and Local Administrations, in accordance with relevant legislation, has been updated. Read more